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June 2016

At OLMC we extend a handshake and even a hug to all the Fathers out there who will be honoured for their many contributions on Sunday June 19th. Research is clearly demonstrating how crucial the Father's role is for the proper development of children and we salute you! 

June is upon us as we look back on another successful school year, one in which many memories of success, good times, and great friendships were created. Speaking of fond memories, kindly update your June calendar as there are many important School events planned. Our Class and Team Pictures are on June 7th, an onsite Aboriginal Celebration/Powwow with Ben Calf Robe students is on June 9th, our Grade 9 Farewell is set for June 10th and our Awards Night is on June 15th.

Thanks and farewell go out to Ms. Babkirk and to Ms. Radziwon, who are leaving Mount Carmel this year. It will be a challenge to replace these wonderful staff members and we appreciate them sharing their gifts with us. The staffing cycle runs through to the end of June and we will update the few changes at year-end. Five of our teachers received Continuous Contracts from the District this year so we will be quite stable for the foreseeable future!

The staff at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School wish the very best to our Grade Nine students as they move on to Grade Ten. We enjoyed the opportunity to work with them and with all our students as they developed their God-given gifts and talents. Thank you to everyone for making Our Lady of Mount Carmel School a great place to learn, to teach, and to grow!

Mr. Kevin S. McGoey, Principal -   

Mrs. Diane Bowers-O'Neill, Assistant Principal -   

Ms. Rina Wood, Acting Assistant Principal -

Mr. Bob Boyechko, Acting Assistant Principal -

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